lution to extend the mandate of the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus for six more months, strongly encouraging ethnic Greeks and Turks to move towards a more "intensive" stage of .

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mercial sex work to provide a way out of poverty. WASHINGTON, June 24 (Xinhua) -- Cash is slipping like sand through young American families' fingers at a growing clip, with savin.

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f difference" will be discussed during Rice's Beijing visit,Price said. Despite thorny issues that often dominate the headlines, China and the United States are working closely on.

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t individuals if a complaint was levied about smoking in a premise - likely because the culprit would long be gone before one of his 26 inspectors arrived on the scene - but rathe.

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", BP said in a statement.? Full story BP ships returning to spill site as storm eases HOUSTON, July 24 (Xinhua) -- Some of the vessels working on BP's blown-out underwater well wer.

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ngress support. Congress members have been demanding the administration seek approval for continued participation in the conflict. The White House argues the U.S. military's suppo .

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isaster unfold like a slow- motion horror film," the press release quoted Web trend analyst Vera Chan as saying. World Cup ranked No. 2 on Yahoo's search list, and Yahoo noted that.

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rrorist attacks in Afghanistan," Omar told a press conference here. President Barak Obama has in principle welcomed his Afghan counterpart's plan to pay and help the victims of Ta.

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till confronting terrorist threats that seek to get inside the country and kill some people," Gottlieb said. New York Congressman Jose Serrano is a long-time Democratic critic of .

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