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day to the courage and sacrifice of those who lost their lives in this attack, and to their families," said the president. "We remain steadfast in our support for the brave men a

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f Congress gets back into town and does its job. And they don't even have to come back into town. The House and the Senate could, through a procedural agreement, basically do thi

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d. Ornge, Ontario's provider of air ambulance and related services, confirmed that contact with a Sikorsky S76, which belonged to its helicopter fleet, was lost shortly after the

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e" its socialist model. The expansion of the private sector is one of the major economic reform measures proposed by Cuban leader Raul Castro and ratified at the Sixth Congress of

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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ng the storm. The CFE said that a total of 72,565 people had been without power in Quintana Roo and 9,500 were cut off in Campeche state. The statement added that nearly 3,000 staf

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ity Council also needs to reform, and expressed their support for a modest expansion of the Security Council that improves its effectiveness and efficiency, as well as its repres

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average in the race to be above-average, he explains. And many companies use stock options for a large part of their executives' bonuses, a practice that not only drives up pay p

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n which case the administration of President Santos would not "respect" the "General Agreement" signed by the FARC and the Colombian government in Havana on Aug. 26, 2012, sponso

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. WASHINGTON, July 7 (Xinhua) -- An air taxi crashed at an airport in Alaska on Sunday, killing all the 10 people onboard, the Associated Press reported. The victims included the p

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to restore diplomatic ties, leading to their release from jail following some 16 years in prison. The men have been hailed as "examples of fortitude, steadfastness and loyalty to

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(Xinhua) -- Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff unveiled a multi-billion-U.S.-dollar naval plant Friday in southeast Rio de Janeiro state, where the country plans to build its fir

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