, Nicaragua and Venezuela were among the first to congratulate Humala on winning the election. This was the second time Humala ran for president in Peru after losing narrowly in 2.

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ashington heavyweights debated on whether the country needs to tighten laws that control assault weapons. California Senator Dianne Feinstein, a top Democrat and leading liberal .

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l Daniel Allyn, deputy commander of the U.S. task force for relief efforts in Haiti. Another airport that will be used is San Isidro in the Dominican Republic, Allyn said. Thousands.

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to end the war," Santos said at the presidential palace. "We are running out of patience. We have to set a deadline for this process. Your willingness for peace must be proven by.

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o said that opponents seemed more passionate about the issue. Among likely voters who said the legalization issue was very important to them, 33 percent planned to vote for it an.

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a robust civilian effort," she said. Clinton said the United States will focus more on diplomacy in 2011 and attempt to integrate other nations in the area to make a U.S. troop wi .

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the protests began Sept. 17 before spreading nationwide. by Al Campbell VANCOUVER, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- Despite local residents' calls for a clearance of their encampment, Occupy V.

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d to a democratic transition in Libya as long as Gaddafi steps aside." On Monday, the president had expressed a similar line in a phone call with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Me.

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The head of U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS)'s oil and gas drilling program announced Monday he is retiring at the end of the month, a move follows the April 20 explosion a.

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